May 19, 2012


Bamboozle 2012: All-American Rejects On Growing Beards and Growing Up

For Kids in the Street, the All-American Rejects' fourth album and first since 2008, main songwriters Nick Wheeler and Tyson Ritter embarked on numerous retreats to concentrate on their writing. Now that Kids is out, Ritter explained to us in the video above why it took four years to record another album.   

"It's a crazy thing when you're in your mid-20s and trying to find yourself while trying to please a record company that's trying to get you to put out a record," said Ritter at Bamboozle. "My biggest challenge was adjusting to reality. We've been in a capsule of either a bus, a venue or some hotel in [New] Jersey for the last 10 years of our lives... Dorothy had it right when she said, 'There's no place like home.'" 

In the video below, the clean-shaven group talks writing songs in the Sequoia Mountains and growing "abundant facial hair." Find out which member looked like the "child of Kenny Rogers and Abe Lincoln" below.