• #Absolute Pop

  • Hour 1

    Absolute Pop: From Madonna to Miley - Entertainers

    All pop stars are entertainers, but Fuse is putting a capital "E" on the word, highlighting the best and brightest showmen and show-women of our time in the show's first hour

    • Eminem - "Berzerk"

      From the moment he broke onto the scene in 1999 with "My Name Is," Eminem has produced intricate—and often provocative—lyrics, released some of the most clever and stylized videos in hip hop history, and put on blistering live shows.

      Em also won great acclaim for the semi-autobiographical 2002 film 8 Mile and became the first hip hop artist to ever win the Oscar for Best Original Song with "Lose Yourself." With every new release and live performance, he makes his fans go insane—or, you could say, berzerk.

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