March 3, 2016


16 Australian Acts You Need to Know Now

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Getty Images, 3

You know all about 5 Seconds of Summer, right? The latest and greatest pop-rock export hail from Australia, so we had to wonder...what else is going down there? Tonight Alive, perhaps the most exciting band in pop-punk right now (you might've caught them on tour with All Time Low and State Champs) is getting ready to drop its third studio album Limitless. If you don't know them yet, that's about to change.

With their new record on the horizon, we took a digital trip Down Under and selected a few more of our favorite Australian acts that you need to know. Click through and listen to some of the diverse sounds they have to offer right now. 

#1Tonight Alive

Pop-punk has a women problem. Too many of the bands making these tunes are made up entirely of dudes when so much of the audience is female. Tonight Alive, just by existing, lessens the gender disparity. Beyond that, the music they make is innovative and extends beyond the genre's limitations. Makes sense considering their upcoming album is called Limitless. And they're Australian. What could be better?

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