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    10 Oddest Musical Partnerships

    From Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett's unexpected friendship to Jay Z and Linkin Park's chart-topping success, these acts created music's oddest couples

    • Next week, Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett release their long-awaited jazz collaboration album Cheek to Cheek. Even forgoing the 60-year age gap, to say the avant-garde pop star and jazz legend's musical relationship is an odd one is putting it mildly.

      But what's even more remarkable is the genuine relationship that's blossomed from their team up. Gaga recently revealed that she almost quit music entirely before befriending Bennett, saying that her duet partner "reaffirmed everything" for her by "wanting nothing but my friendship and my voice." D'aww.

      To celebrate their unexpected musical friendship, let's take a look at nine more of music's strangest-yet-still-totally-heartfelt musical pairings. While any superstars can record a quick collaboration, these odd couples go deeper than a hit single.