June 4, 2015


Track by Track: All the Stories Behind I the Mighty's 'Connector' LP

#1"An Epilogue as a Prologue"

All words by I the Mighty vocalist Brent Walsh

A beginning as an end. The name is in reference to the end of the record, which uses the same chord progression and some of the same lyrics. I've wanted to do something cyclical like that for a record for quite some time now and was happy to finally make it work. I bought a POG 2 (octave) pedal and was messing around with it in my living room when I wrote the intro's progression, and the lyrics came about 30 minutes later after my friends got super bored with me being obsessed over my new toy and ignoring them. I knew lyrically it would set the right tone for the record but also tie in with the final installment of the "Frame" Trilogy, so I in turn got very giddy.

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