July 29, 2015


Stream the Young Professionals' 'Remixes & Covers' LP ft. Lana & Lorde

#1Tove Lo, "Talking Body (The Young Professionals Remix)"

The band tells Fuse why they opted to the compilation route for their latest full-length:

"Remixes are something that we've always been passionate aboutthey are almost like new songs that have yet to be born. In a remix, you take a song that has already been out there and recreate it. Sometimes we immediately know where we wanna go, and sometimes we find ourselves creating many versions until we reach the point when we feel we got it right.

In the last year we've created many remixes from different genres, and we are super excited for the release of Remixes & Covers."

If you're digging what you hear, pre-order the album via iTunes, then click through to enjoy all 17 tracks.

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