September 29, 2015


9 Best Indie Songs We Heard in September

#1Lust for Youth, "Better Looking Brother"

These bands might not seem to have much in common, but you'd be mistaken. "Indie" signifies a proclivity toward underground art and DIY ethos, a fundamental philosophy inherent in everything from the heaviest of punk to the prettiest of obscure pop. Dive in, listen, fall in love.

There’s something in the water in Copenhagen. A tight group of good-looking, ridiculously talented men and women (formed around the Posh Isolation label) make music that spans genre and generation tied together by all things dark and brooding. Lust for Youth are one of the more eclectic groups of the bunch, marrying post-punk and techno in a way that feels inventive. "Better Looking Brother" might be one of their best tracks to date.

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