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    Stream and/or Download Angel Haze's 13-Song 'Back to the Woods'

    It's the follow-up to 2013's 'Dirty Gold,' and it's an inferno

    Joseph Okpako/WireImage

    After pumping us up with three excellent appetizer tracks, Angel Haze has ignited their full-length return with Back to the Woods. You can stream and/or download the 13-song effort via Soundcloud, below. Billboard premiered the effort, noting that Haze thinks of Back to the Woods as simply "a project" rather than a mixtape or an album.

    The entire thing is produced by Tk Kayembe, who also did Haze's timeless banger "Werkin' Girls."

    After a string of four mixtapes and an EP, the now-23-year-old Haze dropped their debut label album in December 2013. (Haze identifies as agender and prefers gender-neutral pronouns.) They plan for the official sophomore album to be "so huge and diverse, especially sonically, orchestral shit." Currently they've got "190 songs I haven't done anything with." But here's the real hype:

    "So the next record should be pretty crazy because I'm the new fucking Basquiat. I'm the new Frida Kahlo. I'm that shit. But instead of with a paintbrush, I have a microphone. I'm working to make something as visually beautiful and fucked up as I am. I think hopefully, it'll come into fruition."

    Read the full Angel Haze interview at Billboard, and have fun with Back to the Woods. They haven't dropped a less-than-great project yet, and it doesn't sound like they're starting now.