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    9 of the Most Experimental Girl Group Songs of All Time

    You think you know your female pop ensembles? Get ready for your mind to be blown

    • Girls Aloud, "Biology"

      Most known for big choruses and way-too-catchy hooks, girl groups are often the vehicle for pushing forward-thinking pop music—to mind-blowing results. These are the can't-miss tracks for anyone looking to expand their definition of what girl group music constitutes. Or anyone who just wants to find some really, really good pop music.

      Britain's beloved quintet threw out the rule book for pop with this Top 5 single. "Biology" utilized the ladies to sing two juxtaposing choruses (one being a soulful and full of piano-pounding, the other a smooth, laid-back croon), but was still a certified pop smash. 

      It's also become a critical favorite, with the rock-centric NME naming it one of the "most groundbreaking pop songs ever."