October 8, 2015


Spin "You Are Who You Are," from the Strokes-Approved Day Wave

A few years ago, it seemed like every indie band on the planet was looking to vintage U.K. indiepop sounds. They loved the Pastels, they worshipped at the altar of Felt. If your band was known for wearing cardigans and writing jangly guitar riffs, you were set. Some groups were able to sustain the fame: Real Estate still sell out decently sized venues.

Oakland's Day Wave does something similar: It's a modern take on those vintage feeling sounds. His latest song, "You Are Who You Are" verifies it.

The vibe is slow and gentle but mostly reassuring—it's impossible to not feel good about yourself after pressing play. Oh, and did we tell you Day Wave is currently on tour with Albert Hammond Jr. of the Strokes? Not a bad cosign!

Listen to it above, then peep our favorite indie jams from last month.