October 6, 2015


Issues' Tyler Carter Talks About Coming Out as Bisexual

Chelsea Lauren/WireImage
Chelsea Lauren/WireImage

Issues are slowly taking over the (underground music) world. Their unique combination of electronic sounds and metalcore is not just confusing: It's powerful, it's strangely melodic, it's revolutionary. The guys behind the band are equally as progressive. They're open, honest and intelligent dudes.

In a new interview with Rumorfix, co-frontman Tyler Carter talks about coming out as bisexual, and the power that it holds. He tells the publication:

“I think that day for me was more than coming out to my fans. I don’t know if I actually did it so that I could finally let everyone in, but it was kind of like… if I tell the whole world, then I will finally be forcing myself to tell my family.”

He continues with:

"And more importantly—that day, I learned not to care about what the industry thinks or what people think. I kind of “stuck it to the man” in a way. I broke all chains of being held down to an industry standard or following any type of criteria, and it traveled way beyond just sexuality or image. It went deep into music and creative integrity too. My fans were very supportive, and it’s only helped me be more open and real with the world since then. That has brought more respect.”

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