October 21, 2015


Oneohtrix Point Never Shares Spacey "Mutant Standard"

Fans of Oneohtrix Point Never know the man behind the moniker, Daniel Lopatin, specializes in layered sounds; no two songs ever sound quite the same. It can make for some eclectic, active listening.

Today Lopatin has shared "Mutant Standard," from his upcoming LP on electronic label Warp Records. The release is called Garden Of Delete, stylized as G.O.D. Listen to the song above.

As Stereogum reports, the release was originally announced through a handful of websites that eventually led fans to "to a PDF file that documented an interview between Lopatin and an alien named Ezra." You can't make this stuff up.

Listen to the spacey, blitz-y, alien-y tune above, then click through our favorite musical discoveries from this year's CMJ Music Marathon.