November 4, 2015


DIIV Announces New Album: Hear Single "Bent (Roi's Song)"

Earlier this year, New York shoegazers DIIV dropped "Dopamine," the lead single from their yet-to-be-announced follow up to 2012's Oshin. For a while there, it seemed like their sophomore album would never come. Never fear, friends. Is the Is Are is on the way, and will drop February 5, 2016.

To keep us satiated, they've also shared the tracklist and a new tune, "Bent (Roi's Song)." Listen to it above!

Looks like our fave out-there pop princess Sky Ferreira makes an appearance on Is the Is Are as well. Peep the tracklist below, then click through some of our favorite discoveries from this years's CMJ. You might find your new favorite band!

Is the Is Are
1.) Out of Mind
2.) Under the Sun
3.) Bent (Roi's Song)
4.) Dopamine
5.) Blue Boredom [ft. Sky Ferreira]
6.) Valentine
7.) Yr Not Far
8.) Take Your Time
9.) Is The Is Are
10.) Mire (Grant's Song)
11.) Incarnate Devil
12.) (Fuck)
13.) Healthy Moon
14.) Loose Ends
15.) (Napa)
16.) Dust
17.) Waste of Breath