December 16, 2015


T-ara "So Crazy" Wins FM's K-Pop Top 40, Named No. 1 K-Pop MV of 2015

You guys did it! Fans of all the artists in our first-ever K-Pop Top 40 of 2015 showed up in full force to vote for our No. 1 video of the year. We heard you loud and clear, Queen's. After more than 27 million votes cast, pushing your girls through all six rounds, T-ara's "So Crazy" is officially FM's No. 1 K-Pop video of 2015!

When Round 1 polls launched in November there were 39 other huge K-Pop videos competing for the title. A few weeks later, three "wildcards" came back in Round 4 for a second shot at the top. Clearly, this victory was no easy feat for T-ara fans, so here's to you all!

In the final round of Top 40, T-ara faced some of their stiffest competition yet when they had to take on EXO. The hugely popular boy band's "Love Me Right" had managed to fight off every artist they were pitted against in rounds 1 through 5. Fans on both sides were fiercely dedicated, but in the end it was T-ara's Queen's that rallied and pushed the girl group ahead to ensure the victory!

Thank you to all the fans who voted their butts off in every round of FM's inaugural K-Pop Top 40 poll – Your love and dedication for your favorite artists did not go unnoticed by us and we look forward to doing even more with these artists and K-Pop in general.

Congratulations once again to T-ara and their amazing fans. It was a great year for K-Pop and we can't wait to see what 2016 brings!