December 9, 2015


Pouty's 'Take Me To Honey Island': Hear The Sweet & Sour Debut EP

Tons of publications have already shared their favorite albums and tracks of the year, although technically, we're still waiting on artists like Rihanna and Kanye West to drop the goods, which would cause quite the year-end stir. The other major problem with poppin' out a list too early: You miss gems like the debut EP from new potty-punk project Pouty.

These sweet and sour, snotty songs are the work of Slutever's Rachel Gagliardi. Pouty is her new project, and it sounds similar to her other musical offerings, with some added flair. This is her solo brainchild, after all!

The six-song release is mostly high-energy, self-deprecating bliss. If you've only got a few minutes to spare, we urge you to start at the beginning. "Now" is unapologetic and forward-thinking, while "Sad" is saccharine sincerity; Gagliardi sings, "How many times will I tell you, I feel sad today?" Way to break our hearts! 

What are you waiting for? Listen to it above!