January 14, 2016


Downtown Boys Visit 'Democracy Now' For Inspiring Session: Watch

Rolling Stone recently called Downtown Boys "America's most exciting punk band," but they might be the most exciting band around, period. The Providence group makes inventive music with real force: It's bilingual, it's dedicated to equality through education and history, it's unlike anything else out there. If you've ever felt like you had to pick between sound and message, DB combines the two.

The group paid a visit to Democracy Now to perform three songs from their debut LP, Full Communism: "Wave of History," "Monstro" and "100% Inheritance Tax." The members also explained what their band aspires to accomplish.

The entire thing is about 30 minutes and is worth watching in full. Early on, frontwoman Victoria Ruiz described her band as "terrifying hope." It's simple enough, but it truly encapsulates the energy of this band. You'll learn a lot if you choose to listen.