February 8, 2016


Stream Indiepop Band Flowers' 'Everyone's Dying To Meet You'

Earlier this year, we told you about London's Flowers. They're an indiepop band through and through, the only one to make it on our list of 13 artists to discover in 2016, and they're great. We waited patiently and the LP is here! Stream their latest album, Everyone's Dying To Meet You, above.

If indiepop is your thing, you probably compared Flowers vocalist Rachel Kenedy to someone like My Bloody Valentine's Bilinda Butcher. You wouldn't be wrong—there's something to be said about their delicate falsettos. 

We're calling it now: this is Flowers' strongest release to date. If you only have a few minutes to spare, we recommend starting with "Ego Loss" and "Russian Doll."

You might want to read something while you're listening. That thing should be our list of the 15 coolest music festivals you might have never heard of. You're welcome.