February 12, 2016


We Are The In Crowd Embarks On Hiatus: "It's Not Goodbye, It's BRB"

Pop-punk fans, sit down. This one is going to hurt. We Are The In Crowd have called it quits...sort of. The band has embarked on a hiatus, writing a lengthy note on Twitter that begins, "This isn't a break up letter." Whew?

The band has said whatever they're going through isn't "a goodbye, it's BRB." For the Internet illiterate, that means be right back. Promising enough, right?

The break arrives after their 2014 album Weird Kids, when they went into the studio and made something that "went against everything that WATIC was and continues to be." They added, "Rather than force this new thing. we decided we were better off being true to ourselves and our fans and giving this new 'thing' an identity." Read the full note above.

When you're done brushing away those tears, make sure to revisit this Fuse interview with We Are The In Crowd frontwoman Taylor Jardine and Echosmith singer Sydney Sierota about what it's like to be a female musician on Warped Tour.