March 19, 2016


Daya Rocks Radio Disney's First-Ever SXSW Showcase

Mat Hayward/Getty Images
Mat Hayward/Getty Images

The language used to describe the transition from childhood to adulthood is weird—there's usually some level of fixation on a loss of innocence, exuberance. No one has told this to the people who run Radio Disney, or if they have, it hasn't translated. The result is really captivating, a space for people to enjoy music regardless of age.

Let's backtrack a bit. On Friday afternoon (Mar. 18) at South By Southwest, Radio Disney hosted its first-ever SXSW showcase. It was an intimate affair with a few chosen industry professionals who share their love of young sounds and enthusiasm. The event took place at Lambert's BBQ downtown; the very strong scent of sauce and meat filled the room. Up-and-coming crooner Shawn Hook closed out the night, but it was Top 40 sensation Daya who truly captivated us.

Some might have already relegated her to one-hit wonder status, but that's truly not the case. Her radio single "Hide Away," a brilliant pop song detailing a young woman's need to better understand herself and not settle for a mediocre man, closed out her set. Waiting for that massive tune forced everyone to listen to the other words she had to sing, and they were equally as important. "Sit Still, Look Pretty" is her next single, and it too shares a common message, perhaps easily comparable to Meghan Trainor's new hit "No." It's sassy and unapologetic, the kind of strong new feminism so crucial for young girls. 

Daya's talent is in her songwriting and in her voice, and this time, she's making sure you know it.