March 9, 2016


Eagulls Share Punishing New Track 'Skipping': Listen

When Leeds group Eagulls first hit the scene, comparisons to Danish punk band Iceage followed. It was justified: both frontmen sing with descending disdain, a certain melancholic deadpan tone reachable only by those who hail from certain European countries. The instrumentation was vastly different but still post-punk in nature. These are dudes who were listening to Joy Division in diapers. 

But Eagulls always tended towards melodicism a bit more than their Copenhagen brethren (the latter of which became obsessed with noise and concept...different strokes, different folks, etc.) The Brits are continuing in their own tradition with the upcoming album Ullages...with the exception of their latest track, the Wire-channeling "Skipping." 

It's punishing and self-aware, at one point asking, "Am I the victim of monotony?" It'll have you wondering—maybe we all are? Listen above.