March 1, 2016


Fear of Men Find Beauty in Isolation with New Single 'Island'

Dream pop, indiepop, whatever you want to call it...a certain section of U.K. alternative has existed in many different incarnations through many different generations. One constant remains: bands of this certain genre write self-doubting and deprecating songs contingent on beautiful melody. 

It boils down to the maxim "happy song, sad lyricism" and the juxtaposition works to create something really gorgeous and unique. Perhaps no band is doing that better in the modern era than Brighton's Fear of Men.

It's apparent in the group's latest single, "Island," from their upcoming sophomore release Fall Forever out June 6. In it, frontwoman Jessica Weiss sings, "I used to be scared to be misunderstood," before concluding with, "Now I don't care if I'm not what you want / I used to be scared to be the stronger one."

The message is clear: somber experiences can lead to empowering realizations.

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