March 3, 2016


Modern Baseball Reflect On Love Lost In "Apple Cider I Don’t Mind"

There's something in the water in Philadelphia: It's slowly becoming the hub for all things under the progressive indie rock umbrella, which makes sense considering a.) It's a major U.S. city b.) It's close to New York City c.) It's cheap to live in. Helping to lead this artistic movement is emo act Modern Baseball. They're easily one of the most prolific bands out there: Just last fall they surprise-released an EP, The Perfect Cast.

They're back at it again with Holy Ghost, which will be released in May. Today they've shared the lead single from the forthcoming studio album, "Apple Cider I Don't Mind," which might be one of their best songs to date. Like others in the band's repertoire, it deals with love lost...but perhaps in a way with more depth. 

One of the band's songwriters, Brendan Lukens, sings, "It’s not like me to forgive and move on/ Always looking back on my mistakes," before ending with a chant of "They say this is forever/ Tell me this is forever," unable to let go of the past.

The song was revealed with another single, "Everyday," which you can hear here.

Their songs might not deal with the most self-secure topics, but the musicality holds real's a strong foundation. Listen to "Apple Cider, I Don't Mind" and check out the tracklist for the upcoming Holy Ghost album below.

1. Holy Ghost
2. Wedding Singer
3. Note To Self
4. Mass
5. Everyday
6. Hiding
7. Coding These To Lukens
8. Breathing in Stereo
9. Apple Cider, I Don’t Mind
10. What If…
11. Just Another Face

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