March 16, 2016


The Mountain Goats Promise New Song if You Donate to their Bowling Fundraiser

C Brandon/Redferns
C Brandon/Redferns

The Mountain Goats will release a new song... if you want them to.

The folk-rock mainstays announced on Wednesday (March 16) that if you donate to their bowling fundraiser, they'll release the track, "Wizard Level." The National Abortion Access Bowl-A-Thon is holding a nationwide event for local abortion providers, and TMG are bowling for the Carolina Abortion Fund. If fans donate $4,000 to their team, called the Reproductive Justice League, frontman John Darnielle says they'll put out an unreleased track.

As of this writing, they're at $3,200. But, if by the time you read this they've reached their goal, you can still donate on friend Stacy Miller's page.