April 19, 2016


Afropunk 2016 Lineup: Janelle Monáe, Ice Cube, Tyler, the Creator & More

Every year New York City hosts Afropunk, a killer music festival dedicated to creating a space for people of color inside a predominantly white punk rock subgenre. While that demographic continues to be the most represented in DIY circles, Afropunk has celebrated years of growth—it's massive and it hasn't lost sight of it's original goal.

Today the 2016 iteration of the fest has announced its lineup. On Aug. 27 and Aug. 28 in Commodore Park in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, get ready to see: 

Ice Cube
TV on the Radio
Tyler the Creator
Cee-Lo Green
Flying Lotus
Janelle Monáe
The Internet
George Clinton
Earl Sweatshirt
Skunk Anansie
Skye & Ross of Morcheeba
Young Fathers
Benjamin Booker
Saul Williams
Angel Haze
Trash Talk
Shabazz Palaces
Seinabo Sey
The Suffers
Sir The Baptist
Downtown Boys
Roman Gianarthur
Joe Kay
The Whooligan
Eden Hagos

There'll also be a superjam featuring members of Bad Brains, Fishbone and Living Colour.

The theme of the festival this year is "Power to the Party." The mission statement reads:

"Power, it’s a feeling, it’s an energy, it’s the undisputed connection between cause and effect—the best of us give it away, the worst usurp it, but living modern life to the fullest, means either mastering your relationship to it or walking in its shadow. We are not blind.

Party is an oxymoron, it’s a gathering of many for a shared purpose and it’s also an outcast individual, it’s a lively social occasion as well as a gang—and the story of any party is never over, because like naked cities and the metaphysical 'I,' there’s always another take. Power to the Party means trusting the friction, the transference of great capacity to the free spirit, belief in the high-heeled spark of the assembly, and the group-mind’s ability to choose a glorious path. This isn’t about getting elected, or being protected; it’s about staking a claim. Join the party and feel its power."

Watch the trailer for the fest above.