April 18, 2016


Lisa Prank Shares Pretty Punk Song, 'Luv Is Dumb'

Here's something that's completely undeniable: no matter how you slice it, something really exciting is happening in Seattle. The town has always been a hotbed for music (allow us to introduce you to a little group called Nirvana), but in the '90s the punk rock renaissance seemed to be gendered in an unfortunate way. The dude (grunge) bands rocked Washington state's biggest city while women, specifically the radical feminists of the Riot Grrrl movement, hailed from Olympia, the region's capital. There was obviously some intersectionality between the two mini metropolises, but looking back, a divide is easy to draw. Today, that's so not the case. Bands like Childbirth, Tacocat and Chastity Belt dominate Seattle and we can now add Lisa Prank, aka Robin Edwards, to that list.

Other than boasting the best band name pun ever, Edwards is making headlines these days for her diary-style narrative power pop-punk tunes. Her latest is "Luv Is Dumb" and it's about...well...you get it. Listen above!

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