April 13, 2016


Mitski Will Never Be 'Your Best American Girl': Watch her Video

Mitski's new video for "Your Best American Girl" tackles unfair societal standards head on by shaking All-American stereotypes. Directed by Zia Anger, it finds the bold indie rocker (who is half-Japanese) showing the realities of what America deems as the ideal relationship.

The singer is seen crushing on an American boy, but her heart soon gets broken as a traditional white girl rocking Coachella-ready gear rushes onto the set and proceeds to make out with him under an American flag.

Instead of crying, Mitski has an intense make-out session with her own hand and jams out on the electric guitar like the badass she is. Silly boys and annoying festival girls won't bring her down. In an interview with NPR, the singer explained the meaning behind "Your American Girl":

"But this song is quite autobiographical because I didn't grow up in the U.S. I am half Japanese, and it came from wanting to just fit into this very American person's life and simply not being able to. Just fundamentally being from a different place and feeling like I would just get in the way of their progression if their life, because I could just never get to wherever they're naturally going."

Look out for Mitski's forthcoming album, Puberty 2, on June 17 via Dead Oceans.