April 25, 2016


Stream Pity Sex's Triumphant Sophomore Album, 'White Hot Moon'

Run For Cover Records
Run For Cover Records

It's here! By now you're well versed in our love and appreciation for the band Pity Sex, an act that continuously revolutionizes emo and shoegaze by refusing to adhere to any genre signifiers or limitations. At the beginning of the year we told you they're a band you gotta know, and that was fully realized in "Pin a Star," the most recent release from their sophomore LP White Hot Moon. There's a certain poignancy to their haze, and that came across in the single.

Today they've made the entire album available for streaming. Press play below.

The album acts as a journey, the tale of a band who've found their voice in a space perhaps unkind to them, one that would typically force an act of their caliber into some scene where they wouldn't fit in. It's a weird and heartbreaking release, which is perhaps the most important part.