April 5, 2016


Stream Tenement's 'Bruised Music Vol. 2' LP

Independent music scenes are built out of necessity: You want to make something, there is nothing, you make something out of nothing. It's easiest when there's some semblance of structure, a cheap neighborhood near an urban metropolis, an adjacent college campus full of like-minded people, so on and so forth. It's hard to imagine there's a lot of that in Appleton, Wisconsin, which probably speaks volumes to the dynamism behind one band, Tenement. 

They're almost obnoxiously prolific, releasing massive catalogues of varying sounds, perhaps more than any one person truly has time to sift through. What makes it especially confusing is that all of it is good. Great, even. Today they've teamed up with Nerdist to release their latest singles collection, Bruised Music Vol. 2

You'll walk through straight-forward punk rock and roll jams, you'll be cradled through icy interludes, you'll be thrown out the other side wanting more...after 14-lengthy tracks of considerable depth. Dig in if you dare.