April 27, 2016


White Lung Embrace & Destroy Glamour in 'Below' Video: Watch

We've profiled White Lung frontwoman Mish Way in the past, we've written about most of the songs that have been released from their upcoming album, Paradise, out May 6—we truly love this band.

There's a simple reason for our admiration of the talented trio: They continue to progress with each release, and their latest track, "Below," pushes the envelope further. There's something surprisingly introspective about the song, Mish pushing her vocals into husky pop patterns instead of forcing them into screams. The video confirms this move to a certain accessibility while chastising it—the band is shown dressed to the nines, performing for a few Marilyn Monroe impersonators. As the song progresses, the ladies in the audience grow more and more distraught.

Frontwoman Mish Barber-Way explained the song in a statement:

"I needed to try to do a ballad about glamorous women. It’s based on a quote by Camille Paglia from an interview she did a few years ago in Toronto. ‘Beauty fades. Beauty is transient. That is why we value it. Feminism’s failure to acknowledge that beauty is a value in itself, that even if a woman manages to achieve it for a particular moment, she has contributed something to the culture.‘ It’s a song about the preservation of glamour and beauty.”

Director Richard Bates Jr. added the following, drawing a parallel between both ideas:

“White Lung plays for an audience of impersonators who come to the realization that they’ve betrayed themselves in the pursuit of fame. ‘Below’ is a love-letter to influential female artists from the past. Our video serves to reinforce the notion that what makes an artist special cannot be manufactured.”

Watch the video above, then flip through our list of the most inventive Canadian punk and hardcore bands of recent history.