May 13, 2016


DAWN Reunites with MachineDrum for 'Wake Up': Listen

D∆WN's vibrant hold on electronic and R&B fusion remains a tight one, and her latest track "Wake up" is yet another musical gem. The singer teamed up with producer MachineDrum once again (the two previously worked on January's "Not Above That") for the new song that is bound to take over upcoming music festivals.

"Don't wake me up!" D∆WN's pristine, auto-tuned vocals echo as bubbly pop beats explode, build up and break down all throughout the song. The artist told PAPER, "'Wake Up' is a story of an altered reality where the dream feels like real life. The wish that a dreamer's world could be the reality."

D∆WN will be releasing Redemption, the final part of her album trilogy that follows 2013’s Goldenheart and 2015’s Blackheart, later this year.