May 11, 2016


Majical Cloudz's Devon Welsh Shares First Solo Music Since Band Breakup

Two months ago, perhaps the most earnest and endearing act in modern electro-indie music, Majical Cloudz, called it quits. The duo, made up of vocalist Devon Welsh and synth-player Matthew Otto, expressed interest in pursuing solo projects. Today, we get a taste of Welsh's outpouring, an eight song surprise release titled Down the Mountain.

He writes on his Bandcamp page:

This is a small collection of songs that were written at different times over the last two years. Some of them were written during the same time as Are You Alone? but did not end up on that album for one reason or another. Others were written and recorded for fun last summer. 
I want to release all these songs because I like them a lot and since I am working on new music, my attention will inevitably go to that new music and these songs will be forgotten, and forgotten songs are sad.

So this isn't an album, and it isn't an album of "new music", but it's a collection of older songs that I like and that I feel deserve to be released. 

Note: The recordings might sound a bit rough, I mixed and mastered it myself and am in the process of learning how to be better at that... credits

It makes sense: the songs sound very similar to Majical Cloudz's previous discography. We're better for it!

Devon Welsh Down the Mountain Tracklist:

1.) Don't Let Me Hide
2.) The Movies
3.) Starlight
4.) Down The Mountain
5.) I Will Love You Forever
6.) What I Meant
7.) I Won't Let You Down
8.) Dreams