May 3, 2016


Mitski Was Once 'Happy' On New Single: Listen

Last month, singer-songwriter Mitski Miyawaki dazzled us with the latest track from her upcoming sophomore release, Puberty 2, out June 17 via Dead Oceans. It was called "Your Best American Girl," and the song was given a video that shares the song's depth and criticism of societal (and possibly patriotic) pressure. Today it's all about "Happy," which might be our favorite song by the up-and-coming talent.

Miyawaki opens the song: "Happy came to visit me / he bought cookies on the way / I poured him tea and he told me / it’ll all be okay / Well I told him I’d do anything / to have him stay with me/ so he laid me down / and I felt happy / come inside of me,” later unfolding into, "I was in the bathroom / I didn’t hear him leave / I locked the door behind him / and I turned around to see / all the cookie wrappers / and the empty cups of tea / well I sighed and mumbled to myself / again I have to clean.”

Happiness, for her, is temporary and intimate, even unclean. It seems to play into the album's title, and it'll be interesting to see how Mitski tackles notions of sex and mental health in the full-length's entirety. We see the puzzle already and she's only given us pieces. Listen to "Happy" above.