June 10, 2016


DAWN's 'Wake Up' Video Doubles as a Mini Fashion Film: Watch

D∆WN continues to raise the bar when it comes to eye-popping visual with her latest video for "Wake Up." Described as a fashion film, the crisp video (which the artist co-directed with Sasha Samsonova) sees DAWN strutting in edgy looks that are all runway-ready. Our favorite is the golden phoenix-inspired outfit, complete with Cleopatra braids.

Speaking with NPR, the singer explained:

“With this era, I want to highlight the marriage of fashion, tech, and sound. ‘Wake Up’ is a fashion film inspired by Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and the Faun and the Phoenix narrate this whimsical dream that you don’t want to wake up from.”

"Wake Up" will be featured on D∆WN's Redemption, the final part of her album trilogy that follows 2013’s Goldenheart and 2015’s Blackheart, later this year. Recently, the singer paired up with Adult Swim’s Singles Program for her "Serpentine Fire" track.