July 1, 2016


Stream Roy Wood$' Debut Album 'Waking at Dawn'

Roy Wood$, the latest signee on Drake's OVO Sound record label, dropped his debut full-length album Waking at Dawn. The 20-year-old Toronto native has been making waves in the underground scene thanks to his impassioned mix of PBR&B and hip-hop, which is a nod to his native city. Stream it via Spotify above.

The album's title suits its musical themes, as it is filled with hazy production and lyrics about trying to hold on to a fling that you should really let go of. Standout tracks include new single "Gwan Big Up Yourself" that rides the current dancehall-inspired wave, as well as the angsty "Menace" downtempo.

Waking at Dawn follows Wood$' first EP, Exis, which dropped in July 2015. Get familiar with the rest of the OVO Sound crew with our sonic introduction to all of Drake's label artists.