May 22, 2013


Hank3's Vinyl Love Led to Burned Records and "Satan Seminars"

“Every Hank Williams has rebelled.”

Hank Williams III aka Hank3 is going through his vinyl collection at his “haunted ranch” in Nashville, explaining how his love of Sid Vicious as a teenager led to self-cutting and safety pins through the nose.

The son of Hank Williams, Jr. and grandson of country music legend Hank Williams, Hank3 has forged a prolific career on his own, releasing a slew of country, punk, hardcore and metal albums that shatter genres. After releasing four albums on the same day in 2011, the singer just released "The Outlaw Ways," Hank’s highly anticipated collaboration with fellow badass David Allen Coe, this week.

In the video above, Hank discusses his unique upbringing filled with “Satan seminars,” having his records burned, and developing his “Jekyll and Hyde thing” with country and punk music. Everything from Disneyworld sound effects to Misfits to Gary Numan to the influential punk compilations Killed By Death makes an appearance alongside an original, never-before-heard Hank Williams vinyl.