June 19, 2013


Jay-Z Engineer/DJ Young Guru on Shady Vinyl Stalls, Hanging With U2

Only an elite few can claim to be in the studio for every one of Jay-Z's albums since 1999. If you've ever wondered why Jigga's records sound so crisp and professional, thank Young Guru, the rapper's longtime engineer and man behind the boards.

It's hardly his only distinction, though. The frequent DJ travels the world spinning from his vast vinyl collection, touring both as a headliner and as DJ to Kanye West and Jay-Z.

Next month, Young Guru will venture into a new field: headphones. The audiophile has teamed up with Danish designers AIAIAI to release the TMA-1 Studio Young Guru Edition.

But before you cop those, check out the video above to hear Guru discussing partying with Bono, keeping a typed-up list of 1,500 wanted songs and why you should never stop learning.