June 17, 2013


Sorry, Ed Sheeran Didn't Write a Song With Selena Gomez

Did your heart skip a dozen beats when you heard Ed Sheeran was seen exiting Selena Gomez's house three days ago with a guitar? That sighting started rumors that the two were recording together. But we have to let you down easy: At the red carpet for the MMVAs, Sheeran told Fuse, "I literally went to a house party at her house! I had my guitar 'cause I'd come from that airport. So, yeah … that rumor isn't true." BLAST IT ALL.

Oh wait—don't blast it all, because we do have a Sheeran and Taylor Swift update. The two have a duet ready to follow up "Everything Has Changed." It's been hanging out on Sheeran's laptop. Asked when we might hear the collaboration, a smiling Sheeran said, "I dunno. I guess if you robbed me you could hear it tomorrow, but please don't rob me."

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