March 20, 2014


Throwback Thursday: Colbie Caillat Singing in Bunny Onesie As a Kid

In the latest episode of Fuse's Throwback Thursday-themed digital series Backatcha, we speak with GRAMMY-winning singer-songwriter Colbie Caillat about her singing career as a four-year-old in bunny ears.

Showing us an adorable pic of herself as a child, Caillat explains: "That's me, four years old, singing on my karaoke vocal mic. I lived in Malibu, and that was the house I was born in. Mom had me at the house at the top of the hill. I was singing since I was a kid so they got me the [karaoke mic]. I was a little ham."

As for the onesie, not much has changed. "Onesies are the best thing in the world, I still wear them," she says.

Caillat also recalls being overwhelmed by tears at her 2010 GRAMMY win with Jason Mraz despite her best intentions. "I always thought people were so silly when they'd cry for winning an award," she tells Fuse. "But I think there's an emotional buildup that goes through your whole body… I couldn’t even get a speech out because it was just happy tears." Check the interview above for more of Colbie's childhood memories.

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