March 26, 2014


Mark Heylmun and Gus G. Reveal Inspirations, Swap Guitar Licks

Every metal fan has a different reason why they fell in love with the genre. The cathartic experience of listening to heavy music is certainly appealing, while the insistent drumming and thumping bass work have fascinated more than a few ears. But to many, the intricacies and nuances in the guitar work make it the most interesting part of metal music. 

In the latest Metalhead To HeadSuicide Silence guitarist Mark Heylmun sits down with Gus G., who plays guitar for Ozzy Osbourne and Firewind, and is a solo artist himself. Watch Part 1 of the episode above and Part 2 below!

The axe-wielders share a laugh over stories about times their guitar killswitches have accidentally engaged on stage, Heylmun explains Suicide Silence's use of the "bloody chord," and Gus G admits how he overcame his nerves to try out for Ozzy Osbourne's band. On a more serious note, Heylmun delves into the 2012 passing of Suicide Silence frontman Mitch Lucker and how Lucker would have wanted the band to keep on going.

Heylmun and Gus G. also take turns showing off some picking techniques and how the two guitarists differ in how they use their wrists while playing. They do an on-the-spot collaboration and Heylmun explains why he prefers using a seven-string guitar. 

Gus G.'s new solo album, I Am The Fire, was released just last week and features guest appearances from Michael Starr, Billy Sheehan, Alexia Rodriguez and more. He continues to perform with Ozzy Osbourne and Firewind. Heylmun is working with Suicide Silence on their new record, which is tentatively scheduled for release in early summer.

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