April 4, 2014


Rita Ora "I Will Never Let You Down" or Shakira "Empire": Whose Video Style Is Best?

As two of pop's hottest foreign imports, Rita Ora and Shakira's new videos made waves across the globe, both earning more than one million views less than a week after their release. In this week's Glam or Sham, Fuse's Katie Van Buren gauges public opinion to find out whether the British singer or the Colombian Voice star played the better fashion game.

First up is future 50 Shades of Grey star Ora with "I Will Never Let You Down," her new single produced by boyfriend Calvin Harris. In its accompanying video, the West London native rocks a red-and-pink Herve Leger swimsuit topped off with a see-through pink trench coat and fuschia hair. One of our man-on-the-street guests says, "She's glam, she seems trendy." But the look didn't fare much better than that. "Too bright for me," says another guest. "Rita, you let me down with this outfit."

Meanwhile, Shaki's runaway bride-inspired visual for her rock ballad "Empire" shows the singer doling out her signature hair flips and flashes of bare thigh and cleavage. Regarding the black dress/fishnet combo she wears, someone we spoke with approved, describe it as "a classy, black, simple look." Another guest was confused by the juxtaposing elements: "She's pairing fishnets with a classy dress," she explained. "I feel like fishnets are mostly paired with shorts or something raunchy."

While Lady Gaga proved victorious in last week's Glam or Sham battle, it's anyone's game this week. 

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