May 22, 2014


Throwback Thursday: JoJo Remembers Recording First Album At Age 9

In this edition of Backatcha, triple-threat JoJo walks us through the beginning of her career—from her earliest recordings as a child to the beginning of her acting career.

The singer recalls recording her first covers demo, Joanna Levesque, at the age of 9! "I recorded it in Foxboro, Massachusetts, which is where I’m from. That was my swag at the time. Look at my braids! I did them myself. I was just giving you raw emotion and intensity."

It wasn't until the smash hit "Leave (Get Out)" that JoJo started getting recognized for her original work, especially with the accompanying music video. "This is my first video! This was shot in a high school in California. The ironic thing is that I stopped going to regular school in seventh grade and I was tutored on the road until I was 18 and graduated high school. This was my first time in a high school! Again, I was just giving you attitude and sass for no friggin’ reason."

Then, of course, came the success of her debut album in 2004. "This is 10 years ago! I was 13. I have the ill swoop over the eye, channeling Aaliyah," the singer joked. "The shirt says 'East Coast Love' and I was super excited that the stylist pulled that because you can take a girl out of the East Coast but you can’t take the East Coast out of a girl."

The segment concludes with a photo of JoJo at the premiere of her acting debut. "That was at the premiere for Aquamarine. That’s my girl Emma Roberts. That’s a dress that my mom and I found in Hawaii. I thought it was hella cute and now I just… you know… we grow," she laughs. "That was really fun. That was the first movie I ever did."

For someone so young, she's had quite the career!

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