May 20, 2014


We Came As Romans and Suicide Silence Drummers Discuss Songwriting, Mitch Lucker's Death

Metalhead To Head is back this week with a new episode featuring two young, amazing drummers in We Came As Romans' Eric Choi and Suicide Silence's Alex Lopez. Check out Part 1 of the episode above and Part 2 below!

Lopez tells Choi about the recording of Suicide Silence's most recent album, where the group went to work with producer Steve Evetts. He got to use over 50 different microphones in the drum room to create crazy drum tones. Choi offers a discussion about the differences between using one or two kick pedals and how that affects the way drummers write and perform live–be sure to watch until the end for an extended jam session!

The two beat-keepers continue by comparing how they each come up with song ideas and how the recording and writing process of We Came As Romans and Suicide Silence differ. They run down how all drummers have a different approach to the craft, so something that seems easy to one person can be very difficult to another. 

Lopez also goes into great detail about the tragic death of former Suicide Silence vocalist Mitch Lucker. "We're keeping him and his history alive," Lopez says of the band's decision to carry on after his passing. "Be happy and celebrate his life, and know that he would want you there headbanging."

We Came As Romans released Tracing Back Roots in 2013 via Equal Vision Records. Meanwhile, Suicide Silence will release their fourth studio full-length, You Can't Stop Me, via Nuclear Blast on July 15. 

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