May 14, 2014


Rudy Sarzo and Frank Bello Experiment with Gnarly Effects Pedals

"I think there's something wrong in my head," Frank Bello confesses. "Something connects with me and noise." 

The Anthrax bassist sat down with Rudy Sarzo–bassist for Ozzy Osbourne and Quiet Riot–for this week's new episode of Metalhead to Head. Check out Part 1 above and Part 2 below!

While discussing their writing styles and how Sarzo came around to the idea of joining Ozzy Osbourne's band, the two metal greats found a moment to reflect on their own fandom of legendary bassists. "I've been a fan longer than I've been a professional musician," Sarzo notes, "and I'll never lose that."

Bello confesses that he never received a formal music education, but recalls getting sent to the principal's office in high school for playing Judas Priest and Iron Maiden songs on his upright bass before jazz band class. Sarzo remembers his collaborations with his close friend, the late Randy Rhoads, and why he left Ozzy Osbourne's band after the guitarist's passing.

The duo take turns passing a bass back and forth and experimenting with Sarzo's insane pedel effects, creating gnarly tones and sounds as Bello manages to blow his own mind. 

Sarzo is currently a part of the Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp and will spend the remainder of 2014 touring around the globe with various projects. Bello will focus his efforts on Altitudes & Attitudes, a new project with Megadeth bassist Dave Ellefson. In that band, Bello plays guitar and sings for the first time ever. He also mentions that Anthrax is working on a "really angry" new record. 

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