September 3, 2014


Mary Lambert's "Heart On My Sleeve" Could Be Her Strongest Single Yet

When Mary Lambert released "Secrets," the first single off her forthcoming, solo debut LP, its cheeky pop vibes were refreshing, engaging and great. It's not like we expected anything less from the "Same Love" singer, and we started counting down the days until October 14, when Heart On My Sleeve sees its official release.

The days on the calendar better start flying, because Lambert just dropped the title track for the record and it's practically tailored for the "repeat" button.

There's a lot to love about Lambert, especially her attraction to the hard stuff, her tendency to approach difficult lyrics or challenging themes and work with them instead of avoid them. It'd be really easy to stick to the side-eye strains of "Secrets," but "Heart On My Sleeve" is an uplifting anthem that puts a courageous spin on vulnerability. "You opened up the things I shut" is only one of a handful of revealing lyrics that stick after a first listen, and by the end of the track, your spirit should be soaring just as high as Mary's notes.

Listen to "Heart On My Sleeve" above, and catch her on tour on the east coast this fall.