March 26, 2015


Charming Liars Play Uber Drivers to Maniacs and Lovers in "Burn"

The pop-loving rock crew known as Charming Liars might be based in Los Angeles, but the majority of 'em are London kids. Which kind of explains the band's new video, "Burn," premiering today exclusively on Fuse. Cities never look as vivid as they do in the eyes of a journeyman, and damn does L.A. look alluring here. And sad. And fun. And drunk.

The video takes place late on a Tuesday, right around the time the club's goin' up. The Charming Liars each drive a neon-lit whip through the city, probably with the ridiculously catchy "Burn" on loop. Their variety of Angeleno passengers—robbers, party girls, a beardo in a helmet, dancers, tweakers and ear-lickers—get crazier and touch-feely-er as the night winds on through Skid Row, Little Tokyo, China Town et al. Eventually everyone's inhibitions go completely out the window (along with a little spew). 

Watch the premiere above.

Lead singer Charlie Cosser explained "Burn" to Fuse, saying:

"It's certainly one bizarre, gonzo music video that was incredibly fun to make. It was a rather spontaneous affair. One day we decided to make a video and instantly came up with the treatment with two awesome directors—Eric Ulbrich and Kylie Eaton. We wanted to do something that had a slightly throwback/kitsch feel that the song truly emanates, juxtaposed with the truly modern concept of ride-sharing.

We'll be on the lookout for more music—and more adventurous clips—from Charming Liars this year. (Their in the studio right now, as it turns out, grinding on a new EP.) Meanwhile, the 2014 EP We Won't Give Up is available on iTunes.