March 16, 2015


Watch the First Music Vid From Nick Cannon's K-Pop Show 'Make It Pop'

No denying it, K-pop is taking over the world. In its latest report, YouTube revealed viewership of K-pop videos grew from around 700 million views in 2010 to more than 5.5 billion in 2013. But now it's coming to your TV screens.

Make It Pop is Nickelodeon's new show, co-created by Nick Cannon and executive producer Thomas W. Lynch, that looks to bring the K-pop aesthetic to a Glee-esque musical/comedy world. In it, three freshmen girls—Sun Hi, Jodi and Corki—are brought together by their love of the Korean pop sound. They join forces to create a pop supergroup—their own Girls' Generation-TTS or Orange Caramel, if you will. Fuse is happy to premiere the first music video to be released from the series, titled "Party Tonight."

"Party Tonight" dose a nice job incorporating nearly all the aspects that makes K-pop so addictive: booming beats, sugary pop melodies, colorful sets, enviable outfits, easy-to-follow choreography—the full treatment. Most impressively, "Party Tonight" is packed with hooks and takes unexpected sonic turns like the best K-pop songs do (see "I Got a Boy," "Come Back Home," "Rum Pum Pum Pum"). We're looking forward to even more addictive singles from the show.

Make It Pop premieres on Nickelodeon on April 6. Get even more hyped up (and hear more music!) by checking out the show's trailer below: