April 8, 2015


Panda Bear’s “Tropic of Cancer” Video Is Probably on Drugs

The year isn't even halfway done yet, but Panda Bear, aka Noah Lennox, has just released a contender for Trippiest Video of 2015. Lifted from his Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper album, "Tropic of Cancer" was directed by Lennox's Animal Collective bandmate, Avey Tare, and it's a mind fuck.

Featuring extreme closeups of a woman's hand petting a German Sherpard and a family wearing panda bear costumes that look like they were made by the people who design those hideous silk shirts Rick Ross is known to wear. The oddest part (and that's saying a lot) of the video comes when the German Shepard's handler lets the dog loose one one of the panda-humans in their backyard. After the canine mauls his victim, "Tropic of Cancer" closes out with a visual of black confetti raining down on the grass. David Lynch clearly has nothing on Tare.

"Having been a fan of Noah’s music since we were teenagers, it’s sweet to finally be able to collaborate with him on something other than just making sounds and songs," said Tare. "I also am thankful to get my first shot at making something a little more long running in the visual/video world. This is one of my favorite songs on the record, hence my being involved with it."

We've watched "Tropic of Cancer" a few times already today, and we're convinced the video is on drugs.