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    Watch System of a Down Play Armenia for the First Time Ever

    The iconic metal band return to their ancestral home for a performance exactly 100 years after the Armenian Genocide

    In 2001, when much of pop music was polluted by the sounds of boy bands, teen-pop princesses and punk bands a la Blink-182System of a Down released Toxicity. The album would go down as their most iconic and fed into the nu-metal impulses of a generation. Even more than that, the record directly addressed the Armenian Genocide in a way pop culture hadn't—and hasn't—since.

    The event that gave the world the term "genocide," the event that resulted in the slaughter of over 1.5 million Armenians, had a specific start date: April 24, 1915...100 years ago today (considering the time zone there).

    System of a Down chose this date to perform in the nation of their ancestors and immediately family members, to remind everyone people of a history not forgotten. It's powerful stuff, and you can watch the full concert now!

    Press play on the YouTube link above and when you're done find out which nu-metal frontman best defines you.