May 20, 2015


Bea Miller Gets Sentimental in "Fire N Gold" Video

Earlier this year, Bea Miller topped our list of artists posed to break out in 2015. She already blew our mind competing on The X Factor, dazzled us on tour with Demi Lovato, and now the teen is gearing up for an opening spot with girl group numero uno, Fifth Harmony

Much of Miller's pop power comes from a burning vulnerability, finding strength in times of weakness (hello, have you even heard "Young Blood"?) and "Fire N Gold," her latest single and video, furthers the sentiment.

It begins with Miller on a bed, gazing at a few Polaroids. When the camera zooms out and the chorus kicks in, we see Bea belting her heart out and a few fellow teens mimicking her moves. Near the song ends, it's revealed that they're all in some giant warehouse space together. Dance while you're young, folks.

Watch the video above and make sure to check out our exclusive interview with the rising pop star right here. (Spoiler: she discusses her crushes on 5 Seconds of Summer and Miley Cyrus.)