June 15, 2015


Watch this Dutch Punk Singer Unbelievably Catch a Beer Mid–Crowd Surf

The internet is best when it makes you feel totally uncool, right? So goes the tale of David Achter de Molen, frontman of Dutch punk band John Coffey. (Like the drink, only not spelled the same"—shoutout Stephen King). The singer and his crew performed at Pinkpop Fest this weekend in their native Netherlands and gave the crowd a pretty insane surprise.

While leaping into the audience to walk on their heads (it's like a less friendly crowd surf, Odd Future's hardcore buds Trash Talk are known for it, it looks cool but OUCH), de Molen caught a beer that was flung at him and drank it—mid-performance!

He does it with such ease...and this is a cup of beer, not a can. You'd think a can would give you more support, more grip. Thank goodness it wasn't a bottle. But apparently beer anatomy is not a concern—chuck anything at this guy, he'll probably catch it. Now if they can figure out how to make it a regular part of their show...

All of this happened the same weekend 5 Seconds of Summer guitarist Michael Clifford caught fire (pyrotechnics are no joke) and Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl fell offstage, breaking his leg and going on to finish the damn song. Who's the most punk now?